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Bestseller No. 1
NOYITO Voltage to Current Module 0-2.5V 3.3V 5V 10V 15V 24V Voltage to 0-20mA 4-20MA Current Signal Generator Moudle (0-24V to 4-20mA)
  • NOYITO Voltage to Current module, 0-2.5V ,0-3.3V,0-5V,0-10V,0-15V,0-24V voltage signal conversion to 0-20mA or 4-20mA current signal output, by adjusting the voltage to adjust the size of the current....
  • Implement the industry standard voltage (0-2.5V ,0-3.3V,0-5V,0-10V,0-15V,0-24V) into an industry standard current (0-20mA, 4-20mA)., linear output, the output signal can be directly connected to the...
  • Using single-chip embedded technology. The module is small and easy to use in different places.
  • Easy to use, can be fine-tuned by potentiometer.
  • Module working voltage: DC12-24V . 【Please read the product pictures on the left side of the page for the wiring diagram of the product.】
SaleBestseller No. 2
WHDTS Adjustable Signal Generator, 1Hz-150KHz 1-Channel PWM Pulse Frequency DC 3.3V-30V 5-30mA LCD Display Module
  • Adjustable Frequency Range: from 1Hz to 150KHz
  • Shell Protection and Clear LCD Display: Display both Frequency and Duty Cycle in more clear status
  • Support power-down memory function: no need to set the data after power-off
  • Support UART, DC 3.3V-30V voltage, 5-30mA output current
  • Wider Application: Square wave signal generator, generating square wave signal for experimental development;generating square wave signal that controls the motor driver; Generating adjustable pulses...
Bestseller No. 3
High Precision Function Signal Generator XR2206 DIY Kit Sine/Triangle/Square Output 1Hz-1MHz Adjustable Frequency Amplitude
  • XR2206 High Precision Function Signal Generator
  • Voltage Supply: 9-12V DC; Frequency: 1Hz - 1MHz
  • Waveforms: Square, Sine & Triangle
  • Impedance: 600 Ohm + 10%
  • Note: Product is in parts . They need to be assembled .
Bestseller No. 4
PEMENOL Signal Generator, DC 3.3-30V Adjustable PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle 1Hz-150KHz Motor Controller LCD Display
  • PEMENOL signal generator operating voltage range: DC 3.3-30V, frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz, duty cycle range: 0-100%.
  • Dual-mode output: PWM mode: adjusting frequency and duty cycle; pulse mode: control start and stop and its number of times, adjust high level signal time and low level signal time.
  • With start and stop button to control start and stop. For detailed instructions, see the link:
  • LCD Display: the LCD clearly displays frequency and duty ratio, all parameters will be automatically saved after the setting is completed and will not be lost when the power is turned off.
  • Application: used for PWM signal generator; drive lamp / motor / solenoid valve; square wave / rectangular wave signal generator; servo motor / stepper motor / electric jaw.
Bestseller No. 5
PWM Signal Generator, YEMIUGO DC 3.3V-30V Function Generator PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Rectangular Square Wave Module for Motor Speed Lamp Brightness Adjustment
  • 🎀【Parameters】PWM signal generator work voltage:DC 3.3V-30V, frequency range:1Hz~150KHz, frequency accuracy:2%, output current:<8mA, number of pulses:1~9999 or Infinite, delay time and...
  • 🎀【What's This】YEMIUGO signal generator is a device that provides electrical signals at a variety of frequencies, square wave,pulse and output levels, It supports high current output and...
  • 🎀【Dual Mode Output】PWM mode(default): adjusting frequency and duty cycle, It's PWM mode when display '%', the frequency range is 1Hz to 150KHz and the duty cycle range is 0.00% to 100%;...
  • 🎀【Application】Used for PWM signal generator, generating square wave signal for experimental development; used to generate a square wave signal that controls the motor driver; generate...
  • 🎀【Easy to operation】with start-stop button, it can also connect the external switch to control the output signal ON/OFF. support reverse protection and enabled/disabled output
Bestseller No. 6
DZS Elec 1-Pack PWM Rectangular Wave Signal Generator 1-150kHz PWM Pulse Frequency Meter 0-100% Duty Ratio Adjustable LCD Display Square Wave Signal Generator
  • PWM Rectangular Wave Signal Generator, Working Voltage: 3.3V-30V; Frequency Range: 1Hz-150KHz Adjustable; Duty Ratio: 0-100% Adjustable
  • Blue LCD display frequency and duty cycle clearly, can be used as square wave signal generator to generate square wave signal to control motor driver, generate adjustable pulse for MCU use or control...
  • 4 Individual buttons for setting PWM Output Frequency and Duty Ratio, short press to increase or reduce a unit, long press for fast increase or reduce, parameters automatically saved, never lost while...
  • Supporting TTL level serial port communication, GND, TXD, and RXD 3 Pins, Communication Standard: 9600 bps; Data Bit: 8
  • SET PWM Frequency: "FXXX": 001Hz-999Hz "FX.XX": 1.00kHz-9.99kHz "FXX.X": 10.0kHz-99.9kHz "FX.X.X": 1kHz-150kHz
Bestseller No. 7
CenryKay DC 3.3V-30V Adjustable Output 1Hz-150kHz PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Square Wave Signal Generator Module XY-PWM Signal
  • Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 30V; frequency range: normal mode: 1Hz ~ 150KHz, fine mode: 1HZ ~ 15KHZ
  • Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2%; signal load capacity: the output current can be about 5 ~ 30maz
  • LCD liquid crystal display frequency and duty cycle, very clear, using coding potentiometer adjustment, very convenient.
  • PWM output can set frequency and duty cycle separately. This PWM pulse generator comes with locking function to prevent misoperation
  • The square wave generator is Widely used as square wave signal generator for experimental development, motor driver, MCU, PWM dimmer etc
Bestseller No. 8
Akozon JDS6600 DDS Signal Generator Counter,15MHz 30MHz 40MHz 50MHz 60MHz High Precision Dual-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator Frequency Meter 266MSa/s(15MHz US Plug)
  • 【Feature】Vertical resolution of waveform is optimized to 14bit, 266MSa/s sampling rate, more exquisite waveform. 2.4-inch high-definition color LCD screen ensures good operation fluency, lots of...
  • 【Full Function】It can use standard PC software to control all machine functions and draw arbitrary waveform, communication protocol publicity makes secondary development very simple. It has output...
  • 【Waveform Characteristic】Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse (duty-cycle correction,Pulse width and cycle time adjustable), Partial Sine, CMOS, DC level, Half-wave, Full-Wave, Pos-Ladder, Neg-Ladder,...
  • 【Appliance】This Signal Generator is the ideal instrument for electronic engineering, laboratories, production lines, teaching and scientific research,large scale integrated circuit and SMT...
  • 【Kindly Remind】We Have a Strong After-sales Service Team: As long as you have any questions about the product, we will resolve your issue immediately if received your email, your satisfactory...
Bestseller No. 9
ICL8038 Monolithic Function Signal Generator Module DIY Kit Sine Square Triangle
  • This is an open collector output terminal, work should take a load resistor to the corresponding positive power supply terminal from the pin, to get a TTL-compatible square-wave output, the load...
  • he kits are designed for a frequency range is 50-5KHz, two bands with a switch S to switch, RP1 is the frequency adjustment, RP2 is the duty cycle adjustment, RP3 is a sine wave distortion adjustment
  • Input 12V DC Frequency range 50-5KHz,
  • Size:6cm*4.5cm*0.2cm
  • Package Included: 1 set function signal generator module and electronic kit
Bestseller No. 10
kkboyii 2-Wire 4-20mA Current Loop Signal Generator Panel-Mounted Current Transducer Support 2,3,4 Wires
  • No-source two-wire 4-20mA current loop, wiring compatible with 2, 3, 4 wire system
  • 9 programmable output (can simulate the actual environment of dynamic testing, each section can be set up t running time /A current /b current).
  • Digital rotary encoder adjustment (the use of potentiometer, easily affected by temperature and humidity, the resistance value will change).
  • Can be connected to the positive and negative (two-wire system, no matter how wiring, can work, will not burn meter).
  • High precision, good linearity (Output accuracy:±0.5%;Display accuracy:0.01)

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